Fabian Dudek Quartet

Fabian Dudek – Reeds, Composition
Felix Hauptmann – Piano, Synthesizer
David Helm – Bass
Fabian Arends – Drums

Next concerts:
13.04.2025    Jazz im Güterschuppen	Westerstede

Distant Skies, We Dream

Distant Skies, We Dream is out now.It is available digitally or as compact disc. If you want to purchase the album, feel free to write me a message

„Distant Skies, We Dream“ is nominated for the German record critics‘ award (Preis der deutschen Schalplattenkritik)

The album was selected as one of the top 3 albums in the April edition of Jazzpodium.

„Dudek ist unter Dreißig. Ein Versprechen für die Zukunft war er schon länger. Ab jetzt muss er nichts mehr versprechen. Wir folgen ihm auch so überallhin.“
„Dudek is under thirty. He has long been a promise for the future. From now on he doesn’t have to promise anything anymore. We also follow him everywhere.“

Susanne Müller (Jazzpodium)

„[…] hohe Intensität, die bis zum allerletzten Ton anhält“ / „Musik mit aktueller Brisanz“
„High intensity that lasts until the very last note.“ / „Music with current meaning“

Arne Schumacher (Jazzthetik)


Isolated Flowers

If you want a copy of the album, you can write me a message. It is also possible to stream the album everywhere.

Isolated Flowers was nominated for „Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

Isolated Flowers ist eines der Top 3 Alben in der Mai/Juni 2022 Ausgabe des Jazzpodiums: „Diese packende Musik geht in immer neuen Wendungen ihre Themen an und hält sich nicht auf beim Beliebigen: Fesselnd, kurzweilig und unverhofft kraftvoll. Großartig!“

(Ulrich Steinmetzger (Jazzpodium) über „Isolated Flowers“)

„Die auf dem Album enthaltenen Klänge sind eine exquisite Mischung aus komplizierten Jazzstrukturen und feurigen, abstrakten Soloparts. All dies klingt frisch, nicht hermetisch und spiegelt den Geist der Moderne wider. Die Musik ist eine Kombination aus roher Energie, avantgardistischem Flair und akademischer Raffinesse. Tolles Album!“

(jazz-fun über das Album „Isolated Flowers“)

Live at Deutsches Jazzfestival Frankfurt

Creating Meaning



(Kölner Stadtanzeiger über das Album „Creating Meaning“)

„Die herausragenden individuellen Qualitäten der vier jungen Musiker und Fabian Dudeks spannende Kompositionen weisen dem Jazz eine Zukunft“


„I’ve never encountered the same ideas twice, never realized that this recording has preconceived ideas that will never change.“ 

(Fotis Nikolakopoulos (Freejazzblog) about Creating Meaning)

Neben Jurys kann Fabian Dudek aber auch das Publikum begeistern. Obwohl sein virtuos-expressiver Stil auf Alt- und Sopransaxophon eher intensive Erlebnisse statt leichter Kost verspricht.


Write me a mail for a physical copy of „Creating Meaning“ or buy it on Bandcamp:


Creating Meaning

General information about the series:

The title, “Creating Meaning”, comes from a small plaque about the artist Sherrie Levine in the Broad Museum in Los Angeles. I visited the Broad during my first visit to the US in the summer of 2018; this time frame marks the beginning and first inspirational period for „Creating Meaning.“ While in California, I stayed in Anaheim, where I first drafted my ideas that eventually became 4-5 pieces. All of these compositions have since been omitted from the series, except for one, ​Part 1. ​Nevertheless, the discarded pieces were important and necessary to build the structure of the series.

The title is open for interpretation. Generally speaking, it deals with the questions: To what extent does one need or want to assign meaning to a work of art? How does one achieve a satisfactory product? How does one continue after that point? These questions relate to finding one’s own identity, as an artist. What is the standard? Does the standard even exist and is it attainable? And if so, what is the value of comparison to other people and other art?

This series does not seek to be categorized. The term „genre“ is rejected because knowledge of this label often biases a listener’s first encounter with the art. When the music stands alone, this encourages consumption and absorption of the art in a different way. It should not be boxed into a category or role that could create an assumption before the viewer’s initial experience.

My creative process was strongly influenced by everyday life. Experiences, persons, objects, states, the good, the bad. A majority of the events, visuals, sounds, experiences of everyday go unnoticed. Things that seem normal​ can, under a magnifying glass, unfold differently, perhaps with beauty, perhaps with uniqueness.

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