Distant Skies, We Dream is nominated for the German record critics‘ award (Preis der deutschen Schalplattenkritik)

Distant Skies, We Dream is out now. It is available digitally or as compact disc. If you want to purchase the album, feel free to write me a message

Happy to be nominated for Deutscher Jazzpreis (composition / arrangement)

„Snap-reading method“ by Parzhuber Trio is out now

„Protecting A Picture That’s Fading“ is nominated for Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

„Day by Day“ live at Cologne Jazzweek

Protecting A Picture That’s Fading“ is out now. Email me to purchase a copy of the album. This double CD album features my band „La Campagne“ – “ An extremely exciting album / Incredibly good“ (Lothar Trampert / Jazzthetik)

Very happy about receiving the Horst & Gretl Will scholarship for Jazz and imrpovised music (prize of the city of Cologne) 2023

Looking much forward to playing my commissioned composition „An empty room, then smiling“ on August 14th at Cologne Jazzweek together with Sasha Berliner, Felix Hauptmann, Simon Jermyn and Lesley Mok.

Very happy and grateful to be chosen as one of five new artists for NICA Artist Development.

Isolated Flowers is nominated for „Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

Isolated Flowers out now. If you want a copy of the album, you can write me a message. It is also possible to stream the music everywhere.


Fabian Dudek – Composer, Improviser

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